Employment Opportunities

211 Maryland is a growing 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a number of new and exciting community initiatives and career opportunities. We recently grew our Board, and we're excited to double the size of our engaging and enthusiastic team to further serve Maryland as the central connector to unmet needs.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

These are the latest employment opportunities:

To apply for one of the open positions, send your resume and salary requirements to info@211md.org. No phone calls, please. 

Position Title: Resource Database Curator

Department:  211 Maryland, Inc. 

Report To: Operations Director 

POSITION SUMMARY STATEMENT:  Oversee the evolution, expansion and maintenance of a statewide resource database that includes health and human service resources available to Marylanders and ensures standards are met by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS).  Provides guidance and direction to 211 Maryland Call Center Resource Specialists, volunteers and information and referral specialists on database enhancements, development, and maintenance activities. Leads the creation of new partnerships with other statewide organizations that maintain health and human services databases to reduce duplication in resources and identify new partnerships. Serves as the point of contact for all statewide database requests.  

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES includes, but are not limited to: 

40% Database development oversight: In tandem with the Operations Director, develops statewide policy/procedures, documents and implements procedures for researching, selecting, classifying, indexing, and updating resource information to assure the accuracy, consistency and integrity of the database. Ensures that Inclusion/Exclusion criteria are uniformly applied statewide; a standardized profile is used for every resource; resources are classified by the AIRS/211 LA County taxonomy; and the database is updated annually. Networks with resource managers across the nation to stay abreast of best practices and developments in technology that could enable increased efficiencies. Regularly solicits input from call center resource specialist on resource needs and recommended system changes in accordance with identified needs.  

30% Identify best practices for database development and maintenance: In tandem with Operations Director and call centers, develop best practice policy/procedures for database improvements, maintenance, and technological upgrades.  Support statewide efforts to increase agency resources, continued maintenance, and system updates.  Support call centers with identifying resources and best practices to maintain and enhance their local resources.    

10% Reporting: Creates customized resource reports.  Collects and disseminates data on community resources as needed to support 211 Maryland’s public policy/statewide impact.   

10% Relationship Building and Community Outreach: Identifies statewide collaboration opportunities.  Oversee efforts to create data sharing agreements and processes with local and statewide organizations. Coordinates database activities among 211 pilots. Networks with community service providers to promote availability of online resource database and to coordinate efforts to update resource information.  

10% Training: Identify best practice training opportunities.  Coordinates database maintenance activities and trainings for call centers resource staff. Provides direction and guidance to resource specialists, information, and referral specialists, in researching, developing, and updating resources.  Provides training as needed for call center staff on use of information and referral software for resource development and maintenance using the AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services.    

ACCOUNTABILITY:  In order to be successful in this job, the 211 MD Database Administrator must consistently demonstrate competency in: 

  • Maintaining a statewide resource database in accordance with AIRS standards. 
  • Supervise, guide, and instruct staff and volunteers with database development tasks. 
  • Plan daily work schedule and prioritize tasks to meet 211 MD’s goals and objectives.  
  • Perform tasks with minimal direct supervision. 
  • Build and manage external relationships. 
  • Leading or participating in team projects as required. 
  • Employ problem-solving techniques when appropriate. 

QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS: Required: (Education, years of experience, special skills.)    

Requires: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Services, Library Sciences, or related field with at least 2 years of experience in a human service organization. Knowledge of computer systems, database technology and data analysis techniques. Basic knowledge of human service delivery system. iCarol Resource Database administration experience preferred.                         

Abilities/Skills: (i.e. ability to empathize, initiative, self-confidence, customer focus, drive to achieve, teamwork, leadership, etc.)  

  • • Ability to express ideas clearly to individuals and groups. 
  • • Agility to make independent decisions using good judgment. 
  • • Organizational skills.  
  • • Attention to detail.  
  • • Strong relationship building and other interpersonal skills.  

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (sitting, standing, lifting, etc) 

The employee is primarily seated while performing the duties of the position.  Due to COVID, all work is currently conducted virtually from home.  Occasional walking or standing and interaction with personnel located in other parts of the building are also necessary when in the office.  Requirements may be modified to accommodate individuals with disabilities. 

SALARY: Commensurate with experience and qualifications. 

TO APPLY: Interested candidates should send their resume along with your salary requirements to info@211md.org. No phone calls, please!