Maryland Health and Human Service Data

211 Maryland has the most comprehensive health and human service data sets in the state. View our interactive data dashboards to discover community needs. 

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211 Maryland Demographic Data

About Our Data


Explore COVID-19 related data. The data details where callers were located, and the pandemic related need. There are filters for location, date and demographics. View the COVID-19 dashboard.  

Food insecurity during COVID-19

These data sets display Marylanders who contacted 211 Maryland for food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover food insecurity data.


The 211 Maryland needs dashboard highlights the greatest needs, agencies 211 Maryland makes referrals to and how the requests for help change over time, location and by demographic. Uncover needs.


This data showcases who reached out to 211 Maryland for help. Explore how people contacted our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, where they are located, and the services they needed. You can view the data on a timeline dashboard or by location(s). View data dashboard.


Gain valuable insight into 211 Maryland demographic information collected from calls, texts and chat sessions. View the data by location and see how trends change over time. We also have a data set for callers over age 60. See demographic data.