Disability claims can be physical and/or mental. Processing some disability benefit applications can take a long time, and you may be eligible for other benefits while waiting. There are programs available for both short-term disabilities (less than one year) and long-term disabilities (one year or longer).

Here are some of the largest programs to help people with disabilities be financially independent. However, other sources of income do exist. Help is sometimes available through organizations designed to help people who have a certain condition or health status. Do not assume that you are not eligible for benefits without first discussing your situation with someone knowledgeable in the field of disability rights.

Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP)
Provides limited cash grants monthly to single, physically disabled adults for emergency needs such as rent, prescriptions and medical expenses. Apply at your local Department of Social Services office.

U.S. Social Security Administration
Social Security administrates Supplemental Security Income (SSI), disability benefits and Medicare. It also administers survivor benefits, including a lump sum death payment for survivors of those insured by Social Security and benefits for children who are under age 18 or disabled and have had one or both parents die. Local Social Security offices help individuals apply for benefits or file appeals if they’ve been denied benefits. These offices provide information on eligibility and the rights of applicants/recipients.

Call the Social Security Administration for more information at 1.800.772.1213.

Maryland Access Point (MAP)
Provides information and assistance for adults over the age of 50, persons over the age of 18 with a disability, and family and caregivers who are looking for services to assist with remaining in the community and leading full lives. Information and assistance is available to individuals of all income levels in need of services to help them remain independent, or who want to plan for the future.