Get Help Paying Rent

Are you having trouble paying your rent? It?s a common concern for 211 Maryland callers. 211 specialists can help identify local agencies providing financial assistance to offset rent costs. They can provide specific information about the programs, including whether a court-ordered eviction notice is required.

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The 211 database also has local resources. Find assistance paying rent or get help with a security deposit.

Eviction Prevention Due To COVID-19

You may also be eligible for emergency rental assistance if the pandemic financially impacted you.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is overseeing the Eviction Prevention Partnership. You can apply through your local county for rental support due to COVID-19.

Each county has its own program application information. Funds are limited.

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In addition to finding financial assistance for help with rent, talk with your landlord about your situation and see if a payment plan is possible. Know your legal rights and obligations under the lease.

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Find Housing

If you are about to be evicted and need affordable housing, search for an apartment or home for rent on Tìm kiếm nhà ở Maryland.

Các 211 database also has a list of low-income and subsidized rental housing.

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