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Every Person Has A Story

We bring the stories of your community to life with our data.

Gain historical and real-time insights for strategic decision-making with segmented data dashboards. Discover demographic and geographic trends. Data is updated weekly.

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Get data on how many Marylanders need help in a specific county or ZIP code.

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Uncover COVID-19 related needs in your community, including specific details on testing and food needs.

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Explore the demographics of 211 Maryland contacts.

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COVID-19 Food Insecurity

Find locations with the greatest food insecurity during COVID-19.

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Explore health and human services needs and how they’ve changed over time. Also, discover unmet needs.

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Referral Agencies

Discover the agencies 211 refers Marylanders to, and the essential needs addressed.

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Customized Data Dashboards

Need a customized data package or a subscription dashboard with additional information? Gain additional metrics like the agencies receiving the most 211 Maryland referrals and more. Plus, we’ll integrate our data into your organization’s dashboards to uncover even more impactful insights.

Contact us today about a customized data dashboard, or general data question.

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