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211 Health Check

Weekly Mental Health Check-Ins With A Person Who Cares.

Thomas Bloom Raskin

You are not alone! Tommy Raskin walked in your shoes too. The 25-year-old is the son of Congressman Jamie Raskin, of Takoma Park and Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Tommy struggled with depression before taking his own life.

It’s his memory that we honor with the Thomas Bloom Raskin Act/211 Health Check.

The proactive mental health phone support provides a one-on-one connection with a warm, caring specialist trained in suicide prevention and mental health support.

How the Mental Health Check-in Works

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Dial 2-1-1

Press 1 for Health Check.

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Schedule the day and time for your first call, and provide contact information.

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Engage with the 211 specialist each week. Get tools and resources to ease your mind and stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's New with 211 Health Check?

If you’re a current 211 Health Check participant and signed up through text, we will no longer text you when it’s time for your check-in. We will automatically call you, making it easier to connect with 211 Health Check.

New participants can now sign up for Health Check by dialing 2-1-1 and pressing 1.

How Does 211 Maryland Support Mental Health Needs?

With 211 Health Check, 211 Maryland provides tips and resources to ease an individual’s mind of stress and anxiety. The specialist can connect with you free and reduced-cost mental health support.

211 Maryland also supports mental health and essential needs with other programs and services. These include proactive and immediate mental health support.

Proactive support

MDMindHealth/MDSaludMental – Inspirational text messages | Text MDMindHealth to 898-211 or Texto MDSaludMental a 898-211

211: Connections to community resources to help with essential needs to ease stress | Dial 211

211 Health Check – Weekly check-ins | Dial 2-1-1

Mental Health Emergency

211, Press 1 – Immediate mental health support | Dial 2-1-1, Press 1

What is the Difference Between 211 Health Check and 211, Press 1?

211 Health Check provides proactive mental health check-ins to support those with anxiety, stress and depression. The weekly connections provide one-on-one support with the goal of preventing suicide and other mental health emergencies. If requested, the 211 specialist can connect the caller with mental health resources. The Thomas Bloom Raskin Act, which took effect July 1, 2021, created the proactive mental health check-in program.

211, Press 1 is an immediate, always-on-call suicide prevention, substance use intervention and mental health emergency assistance line. Dial 2-1-1 and Press 1. 211 specialists are also available to chat or text. Text your ZIP code to TXT-211 (898-211).

Are Call Specialists Trained or Certified?

Call center staff are certified and program accredited by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) and the American Association of Suicidology (AAS). Both are national, professional organizations.

Information and Referral Specialists are also educated and experienced in health and human services resources. They have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in social work, human services, counseling or related fields, plus at least one year of experience.

What Happens After the Check-Ins?

The check-ins last until the participant opts out. At that time, the Marylander can re-enroll in the program, begin using the provided resources, and/or sign up for MDMindHealth for ongoing mental health support.

If the individual ever needs immediate support, they can call 2-1-1, Press 1.

How Can I Let Others Know About 211 Health Check?

Need Help Now?
Dial 2-1-1, Press 1 OR text your ZIP code to 898-211

Talk with a trained substance misuse professional.

We’re ready to listen 24/7/365. All calls are confidential.

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