211 Behavioral Health Care Coordination

211 Maryland & Maryland Department Of Health, Behavioral Health Administration

are here to help facilitate referrals for ED patients in need of community-based behavioral health services, including resources for substance use disorders, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and mental health conditions.

Refer patients that are:

1. Currently in the emergency department.

2. The patient is ready for discharge.*

3. Assistance is needed in locating behavioral health resources for the patient.

4. The patient provided consent.

*You do not need to refer a patient that is being admitted from the emergency department (ED) to an inpatient bed. Behavioral health patients that present to the ED can be referred after the psychiatric evaluation if they need additional care coordination.

or dial 2-1-1 and press 4 immediately

*If you need a bed, search the inpatient psychiatric and crisis bed board.

How The Program Works

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211 Care Coordinators will acknowledge your referral within 30 minutes of receipt and will immediately begin identifying available resources through our powerful database.

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211 Care Coordinators will connect hospital staff and patients to available, conveniently located behavioral health services.

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211 Care Coordinators will follow-up to ensure a successful placement and update the electronic record to close the loop with discharge planners.

Want To Learn More?

Watch these videos to learn how to refer patients and access the provider portal. You can also sign up for a 30-minute information and training session or email carecoordination@211md.org.

How To Refer Patients

How To Access the Provider Portal

Need an Inpatient Psychiatric or Crisis Bed?

Maryland's bed board helps discharge planners locate available psychiatric and crisis beds in real-time. Find the type of bed you need from the following categories: adult, co-occurring, geriatric, adolescent and child. Bed availability is updated three times a day.

You do not need to refer a patient to the 211 Care Coordination program if a patient is being admitted from the emergency department to an inpatient bed. They can be referred after the psychiatric evaluation if more care coordination services are needed like outpatient care, additional inpatient care or community-based behavioral health services.

Your Feedback Matters

The emergency regulations took effect on March 15, 2023, We'd like to know about your experience with the 211 Care Coordination program as we work with BHA to improve access and the program offerings. Please take a few minutes to complete the Care Coordination survey.