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How Can I Get Help?

Call 2-1-1 to get connected and get help for essential needs.

You'll speak to a caring and compassionate Maryland resident who will listen to your needs and provide local community resources to help.

Call 2-1-1

Get connected to community resources and support 24/7/365.

What Is 211?

2-1-1 is the state's most comprehensive resource database with 7,500+ community resources. You can reach 211 by calling 2-1-1 or searching the database and information on essential needs.

Who Should Call?

Maryland residents who need support should call 2-1-1. Someone is available to talk 24/7/365, and translation is available in 180+ languages.

2-1-1 call specialists are trained to help connect individuals and families who need help with essential needs, such as:

2-1-1 is also accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing through Maryland Relay (dial 7-1-1).

Does It Cost Anything?

2-1-1 services are free and confidential.

If you call one of our local numbers from outside the area, your telephone provider’s long-distance rates may apply. If you call from a cell phone, air time and other cell phone charges may apply.


211 searchable resource database

How to use the 211 website

In addition to calling 2-1-1, you can find community resources on your own on the 211 website. You can search for local resources or get information and resources for the top needs.

Here's how to access resources on the 211 website:

  • Search for community resources
  • Get information and referrals for top needs

Let's explore the two options to get connected to help.

Search for community resources

This is the state's most comprehensive health and human services resource database with thousands of community resources. You can search by ZIP code, need, language and more. Here's a quick hint to find what you need - take a tour of the database by clicking on the blue button just under the search box. That will provide searching tips to help you find what you need quicker.

This is the same database 211 specialists use to find resources for callers. If you can't find what you need, you can always call 2-1-1.

Get information and referrals for top needs

Sometimes you need more than a resource. For example, you may need to know how to apply for food stamps or if you qualify for utility assistance. The 211 resource category pages provide that information and also refer you to top resources for that need.

You can search for this information by:

  • category - information about the top resources in a category
  • county - information about the top resources in a county

You can also quickly and easily access the resource database from these pages. This is the same database 211 specialists use to find resources for callers. If you can't find what you need, you can always call 2-1-1.

Top Resource Categories

Here's a quick guide to get started. Choose the resource category for which you would like to get information and referral to resources.

Screening - 211 Maryland

Maryland Benefit Screening

Wondering what programs you qualify for?

The Maryland Department of Human Services, myMDTHINK Consumer Portal, is your gateway to health and human services programs. You can apply for:

  • family services
  • health services and disability services
  • jobs and unemployment
  • food and cash assistance
  • child protective services
  • adult services
  • housing and energy assistance

You have to create an account to apply for services, access details about your case, and manage your account information. To create an account, you will need an email address. You can learn more about registering for a myMDTHINK account and how to use myMDTHINK.

Older adults and disability benefit screening

If you are an older adult or have disabilities, you can use BenefitsCheckUp® from The National Council on Aging. It helps you find programs for which you may be eligible.

You'll answer questions anonymously to find out if you qualify for common benefits programs. These may include social services for food or Medicare. You can also find patient assistance programs for medication.

Find out what programs and services you may be eligible to receive through BenefitsCheckUp.

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Other Ways 211 Can Help

211 also partners with state agencies and community groups to provide 211 Health Check and texting programs that provide information and inspiration through text messages.

211 Health Check

This is a weekly check-in with a person who cares. The conversations can help ease your mind of stress and connect you to mental health professionals who can provide further support. 211 Health Check is a free and confidential program.

You can sign up for 211 Health Check by calling 2-1-1.

Text connections

You can also sign up for one of 211's texting programs, which connects you to information, resources and support for a public health or weather threat/emergency, kinship, Mid Shore resources, mental health, opioids and more.

Get Help from 211 In Other States

2-1-1 is available in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and much of Canada. Our neighbors:

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