COVID-19 Testing

If you need a COVID test, you may be able to get one at your local Health Department, or you may be able to pick up an at-home test. Availability varies by county.

If you purchase an at-home kit, your insurance company is required to reimburse you for up to eight tests a month.

To better monitor COVID-19 infection rates, some agencies ask that you report at-home test results. You can follow these instructions to administer the test properly and report the results.

COVID-19 testing

Vaccines & Boosters

African American woman giving thumbs up after COVID-19 vaccine

If you need a COVID vaccine, including a booster, you can find a local COVID-19 vaccine clinic.


COVID-19 Support

Many people are struggling with their mental health due to the ongoing pandemic. Know that, you are not alone!

Help is available. Dial 9-8-8 to speak with a trained and professional specialist. All calls are confidential and free. Learn more about 988 in Maryland.

Ongoing mental health support is also available through 211 Health Check. The free and confidential weekly check-in program connects you to a caring and compassionate person who cares about you. Sign up for Health Check.

Rental Help

Are you struggling to you pay your rent due to COVID-19? Emergency rental assistance is available in Maryland to help with current or past-due rental payments. Landlords can also help tenants apply for financial help.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is administered at the county level throughout Maryland. Find a local ERAP program and learn about qualification guidelines. Funding is limited and may no longer be available.

Senior Call Check

There are a number of new and first-of-its-kind programs helping Maryland seniors during COVID-19. These include Senior Call Check and the Caregiver Services Corps (CSC).

CSC is a group of trained volunteers who offer back-up support to adults aged 65 and older. It’s perfect for a caregiver who gets sick and cannot provide care for a limited time. The Caregiver Service Corps is intended to provide support for temporary, urgent needs like bathing, taking medication, using technology or getting food.

All CSC participants are also signed up for daily, automated calls with the latest COVID-19 information.

This is a free daily phone call to check-in with Maryland seniors.

In addition to automated daily calls, there are live calls once-a-week calls from a caring and compassionate person.

Sign up for Senior Call Check.

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