211 Maryland Is A Housing Resource

211 is a one-stop housing resource whether you’re looking for affordable housing, facing eviction, need emergency housing or need help paying your mortgage to avoid foreclosure.

Additionally, if you are facing homelessness, we have information on emergency shelters for individuals and families as well as listings of transitional housing programs.

Dial 211 to speak to a caring specialist who can connect you to housing resources and support your other essential needs.

Rent Assistance

Are you looking to get help paying rent? Or, do you need financial support so you can pay a security deposit on a new rental unit? Local organizations may be able to provide some financial assistance.

You can find rental assistance near you by searching the 211 database by ZIP code. These are quick links to commonly searched terms:

You can also dial 211 to speak to an Information and Referral Specialist who can connect you to local programs that help with rent.

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Eviction Prevention Programs

If you’re facing eviction, and do not qualify for COVID-19 rental assistance, there may be other local eviction programs to help you. Call 211 and speak to a specialist who will connect you with resources.

As a tenant, review your lease and understand that tenants and landlords have different rights under the law.

Housing Navigators in Baltimore City

In Baltimore City, you can also get help from a housing navigator at five Pratt Library branches. These are free consultations through a program with the Mayor's Office of Homeless Services (MOHS).

The housing navigator can help you understand your housing situation and help you find a solution. They'll identify resources in the short-term and help you with an individualized housing plan that includes long-term housing stability.

Find out if you qualify for this program and how to connect with a housing navigator on 211's Baltimore City top resource guide.

Emergency Housing And Shelters

If you are facing homelessness, emergency shelters and transitional housing programs can help.

Transitional programs generally allow longer stays than a homeless shelter and they also often offer supportive services to help individuals and families become self-sufficient and obtain permanent housing.

To find an emergency shelter, call 211. Or, find local resources based on housing need:

Find Affordable Housing

Are you looking for an affordable rental? Search a statewide database of rental listings on Maryland Housing Search.

You can also find low-income and subsidized rental housing in the 211 database:

211 Information and Referral specialists are also available 24/7/365 to help you locate housing.

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Mortgage And Foreclosure Assistance

If you own a home and are having trouble paying the mortgage, there are resources that can help save your home.

Help is also available if you’re renting a home and your landlord is facing foreclosure.

Get help as soon as possible from Maryland Home Owners Preserving Equity (HOPE) Initiative. A housing counselor from the HOPE network can inform you of the options available for your situation. Call the Maryland HOPE Hotline at 1-877-462-7555 or find a housing counselor near you.

Housing counselors can help you with the foreclosure process and establishing mortgage payment options.

211 also has a database of resources that can help. Find support near you:

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