Informational and Inspirational Text Messages from 211 Maryland .jpg211 Maryland offers residents a number of ways to get connected to essential health and human resources. In addition to calling 2-1-1, and chatting with us, we offer text PUSH-ALERT campaigns. You send a "keyword" to 898-211 and you'll always have the latest information at your fingertips on COVID-19, mental health resources and inspiration, and more. 

There are a number of free, text messaging programs that offer inspiration and information.

Opioid-Related Support

MDHope is a partnership with RALI Maryland to connect individuals, professionals, family and friends with information on overdose reversal medication, treatment options, prevention tips, safe-disposal of prescription drugs, and bi-weekly affirmations and messages of support. 

Learn about all the way MDHope can help lower the Maryland opioid epidemic.

Text MDHope to 898-211.

Mental Health 

MDMindHealth offers motivational messages, alerts to maintain good mental health, and resources for Maryland crisis services and counseling. The text messages are also available in Spanish at MDSaludMental.

Learn more about the ways MDMindHealth can help you or someone you know.

Text MDMindHealth to 898-211 or MDSaludMental to 898-211 for Spanish text messages.

Disaster and COVID-19 Preparedness

MDReady (English) and MDListo (Spanish) alert you to the latest on COVID-19, extreme weather advisories and flood warnings. You'll also get mitigation, relief and recovery resources texted to you after a natural disaster and/or large-scale criminal situation. Get more information on the types of alerts sent through MDReady/MDListo.

Text MDReady to 898-211. Text #MDListo to 898-211.


MDWellness focuses on mental health first aid and overall strategies, resources to access crisis services/counseling and motivational messages. 

Text MDWellness to 898-211. 

Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

MDAging provides immediate and on-demand access to service providers and resources for seniors and caregivers of adults with disabilities.  

Text MDAging to 898-211. 


Text MDCom2Vets to 898-211.