If you're a Veteran looking for affordable housing, you can use the MD Housing Search locator or contact a Veteran-specific housing program. The Veterans Services Center at Sheppard Pratt, in the heart of Fell’s Point, provides housing support, job training and employment for veterans.  

If you need short-term or long-term housing, the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET) offers facilities for your needs, including a day drop-in facility. 

In addition to housing, case managers work with Veterans during the first 60 days of residency. Counseling and recovery classes are offered, and the case manager works with the Veteran on received VA benefits. Education and employment are also components of care at MCVET. 

Homeless Veteran Hotlines

There are several ways for a Veteran to get immediate help.

211 can connect you to local agencies that can help, including Sheppard Pratt, which has several housing programs for homeless Veterans. They may be able to help find housing, provide financial assistance like rent payments, moving costs, and security deposits and more. Sheppard Pratt also has the North Point Veterans Home, which offers transitional housing for up to 24 months and other supports. You can call Sheppard Pratt or contact 211 to find the best program for your situation.



  • The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans also assists homeless Veterans in finding the services that they need by giving information to connect them with local community organizations. Call 1-800-435-7838.

MD HOPE Hotline 

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, don’t wait. Get assistance now. Call the MD HOPE Hotline at 1-877-462-7555. 

The MD HOPE Hotline may be able to get you in touch with a housing counselor in your area to help you work out a plan to pay your mortgage. The key is to ask for help early and persistently.  

Free and confidential foreclosure prevention assistance is available at many locations across Maryland. Housing counselors can help you understand your mortgage documents, explain the options you have and help you negotiate a “Workout Plan” with your lender. 

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