Are you a veteran and in need of a job? Several programs are available to assist veterans with job training by emphasizing and building on their existing skills, learning new skills, and recognizing special needs that they may have. 

The Maryland Workforce Exchange is a one-stop resource for all jobs. There are also veteran-specific programs such as state careers for Maryland veterans and other veteran employment resources. 

If you need career counseling, job search assistance, referrals for job training and more, talk with the American Job Centers. There are also some other services, including career counseling, testing and placement assistance, specifically tailored to veterans. Find the location closest to you.

You can also call 211 and speak to an Information and Referral Specialist or find a list of employment programs for veterans in our database. 

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Employment Help for Veterans At Risk of Homelessness 

If you are homeless or at risk, Sheppard Pratt and the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs have specific employment programming to help:  

  • Operation New Start – This program through Sheppard Pratt provides employment support by developing an individual employment plan that focuses on a veteran’s strengths and preferences.   
  • Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services (HVCES)- This program provides homeless veterans and those at risk of homelessness with vocational rehabilitation, job training and placement assistance, and ongoing support. 
  • Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Program – Through vocational rehabilitation, including skills assessment and development, the CWT program works to help homeless veterans obtain and maintain employment. 
  • Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment VetSuccess Program (VR&E)- The VR&E program endeavors to help veterans with service-connected disabilities obtain and maintain employment. That’s accomplished through a comprehensive approach, including assessing skills, interests and needs, and providing job training, internships, job placement services, and support while employed. 

For information on these programs and other types of employment assistance offered by the VA, please visit the Homeless Veterans Hotline website or call 877-4AID-VET. 

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